Life as I know it

Its very sad that my college life is almost over. Its kinda odd that I wanted my college life to end sooner because of all the boring classes, but now even that boring classes are acceptable.

I missed out on all the fun in class. Missed the tour.[I’ve never missed a tour in my life! Its even surprising to me that I couldn’t convince my dad! May be I should try being a little more responsible!]

I haven’t even talked to all the students in my class yet! Yes, Facebook plays a huge role, helping me overcome this problem, But still I should have been inseparable with these people.  Seems like the four year was not enough for me.

Its the end of Life As I Know It . All I did these past years was study[Well I didn’t exactly study, but still..!]

Its time to enter the real world, the cruel world.

On my way to becoming a responsible adult! 🙂

Project reviews to campus interviews,

Nicknames to last bench games,
Cultural rehearsals to love proposals,
Short term crushes to classroom blushes,

Everything is fresh in our mind,
Wish life could just rewind,
Lets laugh, play and rejoice,
Once again become college guys,

Chatting and laughing. We all were in elation,
Till the painful moment of separation,
When it was time to part,
We returned with a heavy heart,

Today life is full of commitments,
And too many worries,
But those cherished moments,
will leave forever in our memories.”


Moving On

I still remember everything,

Like it was just yesterday

It was a warm summer evening,

I saw you walking towards me

And my whole world stopped

You had me since the first hello.


I knew my Life would never be the same again

I felt like a princess and you were the prince

You were the one, and I knew it well

Life was beautiful because of you


Walking in the rain

Conversations that never end

You even told me that you loved me

And promised that you would stand by me forever


I planned out our future

I even day-dreamed,

Walking down the aisle

In a beautiful white gown


But that day, turned everything around

I heard you talking to your friends about me

You were telling them sick things and

How it I was the easiest of all his preys

Your words felt like knives piercing me

You were a wolf in a sheep’s clothing

I realized that you were just pretending


You saw me, and I could see it

In your eyes that you were not sorry

But you came running after me apologizing

And how you were just joking around,

And I said ” How could you do this to me,

I thought I knew you,

Just leave me alone,

And don’t ever come into my life again”


I felt deserted

I never imagined we’d end like this

Darkness creeping into my life

As I realized that everything was gone


The girl in the mirror was betrayed,

and she cried herself to sleep

But then again, finding out now was easier

And I want you to know that I’m moving on.

Note: This is just a fragment of my imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.