Me, My Unlucky Dress and a Sleepy Interviewer!

Describe your first job interview:

The title describes it all! My very first and the only interview of my life so far happened a couple of months ago.

I wrote an online aptitude test. When I say online, i don’t mean sitting in-front of my PC, at my home and Googling the answers in the next tab! I had to go there to attend it. 😮

It was a 6 hour train ride. Reached there at 4am. Sat in the railway station for couple of hours and Off we went for the Test.

In the middle of these I realized that I don’t have the Hall Ticket! 😦 I was supposed to print it from a website. Do you know what the first thing I did was? I updated it on Facebook! 😉 Everyone told me that they never check the hall ticket, so I don’t have to worry. Well, the truth is I was never worried. 🙂

I was just too excited to care! I’m in a place far away from home, I just wanted to enjoy all the scenery. All the buses where either Green Or Red. 😮 That was new to me. All the buses in my town had a lot of colors on them. Easy to identify. 😉

Okay, Back to the topic. Reached the college where the test was. There was not much shops around, and all of it was closed since it was like 8.30am. The watch man let me in, after some soft-soap! 😉

I went in and told one of the volunteer that I didn’t have a hall ticket. He told me to take the print out if possible, or else they would provide another one after some time. 😮  I had a lot of time, so I decided to take the print.

There was a computer center in-front of the college. It was closed. So I called the number given on the board and the owner said he would open it in 5min.  Got the print. And went for the exam. The exam was timed, so I clicked on a lot of B’s and C’s and finished it!  😉 The result will be published at the end of the day.

Went to the Railway station to go back home. Reached home. Checked the result. My name was not there so I slept peacefully. Next day a friend called and told me that a new list was published with more names. Me and my friend was in it. and the interview was next day. 😀  It was already 10pm, so we decided to go in the early morning train.

That’s where my unlucky dress come in! It was a Salwar that I specially bought to wear on interviews!!

Got up early morning. Got on the train and started studying some books. After an hour or so, I shut the book and started looking out the windows.! Typical! 😉

The train was a little late that day. Somehow we managed to reach there on time. Filled up a form they gave me, and started waiting for the very first interview of my life to start.  Very Impatient.

I went in. The interviewer was at the end of a big room. Long walk, and finally reached there. The interviewer told me to take the seat. I did. I handed him the form I just filled which contains all the information about the projects, and seminars I’ve done. The first question as expected ‘Tell me about yourself.’ Then he started asking about the project and seminars. After a couple of minutes, I realized that he’s only half awake! Am I that boring?! 😮

I spoke a little loudly hoping that he would wake up!. Well it worked, He asked me to write a C Program, which I didn’t know. I should have let him sleep!

The ‘interview’ lasted only 6 or 7 minutes. 😮 I was rejected. But that was expected!

There you have it, my first interview and the story behind it. I did go for another recruitment, wearing the same dress. I was out in the aptitude test! See now, that’s why its unlucky! I’m never wearing that again.! At-least I can blame it on the dress for now!! 😉

– Indu Prakash