Its pouring here. A week back if anyone asked me what I needed the most [Besides, more marks in my exam] I would’ve said Rain. I didn’t even have to think. But it seems that I didn’t think that through. I don’t remember if I have wrote about this before but, me and my friends have a ‘Tradition’. Every other week we make sure that, we all find time to go out to the city and have some fun. But its not easy as it sounds. Everyone’s in college in different parts of south India. But vacations, Study holidays, festival seasons are like goldmine for our ‘Tradition’ .  

The problem with Rain is that it throws cold water over our efforts, literally! Its not the same when everyone’s under their umbrellas, and one has to talk at the top of their voice. On the Sidewalks here, only one person can go in one direction if you are holding an umbrella. So we’ll be walking in a line most of the time till we reach somewhere proper to sit and talk. And less photos to upload on Facebook due to the fear that camera will be ruined in the rain.! Everything is so beautiful once it rains. Its a shame that we don’t get to capture all the sceneries.

As the topic now is Rain, I couldn’t help but write about Raina! Suresh Raina is my current favorite Cricket player. He’s the Indian team captain for their West Indies tour as Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni is rested. They are playing the first match today and I’m wishing all the luck in the world to him and the team. 🙂 


June 1 – Memories

girlfootballer-x:  I love rainy days<3

Its raining. And I’m Loving it 🙂

Most of the schools here in Kerala reopens on June 1st. I could see a lot of excited kids waiting for their school buses today. I’m pretty sure that today would be one of the few days that they would be excited to go to the school!

Everything about today took me back to my good old school going days. First day of school was always the most awaited day of the year.

New bag, new shoes, new uniform, new books and especially a new umbrella. Of course after all the work that went into shopping these items makes it even more special. The last week of May is like a celebration. 

 I didn’t care if I get to the school or not, I just wanted to try on the new uniform, put on the bag, and the shoes and just run out into the rain. Splashing in the muddy puddles on the roads and reaching the school all drenched. 


All those days are long gone. I wish the old days would come back,  but I know that wishing for it isn’t going to make it happen.