Just a little update

So what’s new?

Big news today is that my favorite team in the IPL, Chennai Super Kings won the cup yesterday 😀 I was so looking forward to the final match, and guess what happened?! I slept through the winning moments! It wasn’t a close match. I was pretty sure that its gonna be Chennai’s game from the beginning. By the time I got up, they were handing over the trophy. But its okay, all I want was that they win. They did, and I’m super happy. I wasn’t much of a help to them in the final match,  but I would like to think that I brought them to the final! Sounds Crazy?! I know 😉

To start off, I’m not a superstitious or spiritual or ‘any-of-that-kind’ person. But when it comes to cricket, I’m all that. I love cricket. But that doesn’t mean that I watch every team’s match. If I have to watch it, Team India must be playing . Or in the case of IPL, the team with my favorite cricketer should be playing.  In all the four seasons of IPL, its been Chennai Super Kings. And if you think that it so obvious and its because Mahendra Singh Dhoni is playing – You are so wrong! My favorite cricketer [Well, at-least for now] is … wait for it.. wait for it.. Suresh Raina! Stunned?! If yes, I don’t care! So, that’s why I support CSK.

Back to the point- Superstitions. Imagine that My team is bowling and badly needs a wicket. There I am hoping for a miracle, and it happens. They get a wicket. Whatever bizzare thing I was doing, the very second they got the wicket like adjusting the cushion, Or  sitting upright, or folding my hands or texting, or anything, I do it again whenever they need another wicket. Sometimes I change the channel for just 1 minute, my team hits a six! So I keep changing the channel till the end of the match. Its hard work, all worth it! 😀  Okay that’s enough. Hope you get the point.

What else?

I hate the climate these days. I usually like going out in the sun, but not now. Even walking 5 or 10 minutes in the sun is so tiring. Good news is that according to the weather forecast, its gonna rain here from tomorrow. I’m probably going to write about how much I hate rain, in the next few days!

Have you heard about the Vodafone Super Weeks? I was so excited because I own a Vodafone sim. And what do I get?

Week 1 : Free Facebook, Twitter and Orkut surfing. [Guess what? I already pay Rs 95 to get the 2GB internet on phone. I already have this plan activated so I didn’t get anything out of the Week 1]

Week 2: Download Games for free [ Awesome- I thought. But it turns out I was getting an error that it was not supported in my phone.]

Week 3: Free access to Yahoo Mail and Gmail [Again,  I have the 2GB plan activated. No use again]

Week 4: Free Cricket week. Access to all Cricket sites [Again! Need I say more?]

Week 5: Download unlimited songs for free. [Now that was something I like. But the Vodafone site had like 20 unknown songs and all very bad songs!]

Week 6: Free unlimited mobile internet [hmmm.. Rs. 95, 2GB. You get it]

And that was it. Super weeks was a total rip-off, for me atleast.

I know that the title of this post is ‘Just a little update’- But I had a lot to update about! 😛

Oh, and to all the football fans out there [Especially my two crazy friends] “Congrats Barca!”


I wrote a post on superstitions yesterday. Hope you all have read it. There’s nothing creepy about that! 😀

Okay, the thing is that i wanted to write a post about bad omens. You know, just a random topic. I was so busy that i didnt get much time to sit in front of the PC. So i decided to write it from my phone while i was sitting in a bus. I wrote ‘Omen’ as the title and suddenly my phone got switched off. Just like that! Now that’s creepy huh?

So what do you think that was all about??

That some unknown force is trying to tell me about the future or is telling me that there is some disaster going to hit the earth.. Or it was to indicate that something terrible is going to happen to me or the bus i was travelling in??

Do you know what i think?!

“Time for a new phone!!”

– Indu Prakash


Before I start, I have to tell you that I don’t believe in these kinda stuffs. I don’t believe in Superstitions, omens, ghosts, after life and not even in God.

My life hasn’t been good the last couple of months. My exam result mainly and couple of other things. Nothings going right for me.

There’s an old woman living near our house, and comes to visit occasionally. So she keeps telling us to change two things in our house to get rid of all the bad luck!

1. Remove the broken mirror in the Wardrobe (Almari). The mirror is not completely broken, but there is a crack. Breaking a mirror means 7 years of bad luck, unless you take the pieces outside & bury them in moonlight. Yeah right! Like I’m gonna do that! 😀

2. Get rid of our Rooster. Yes, I have a rooster. The problem is that he crows at night. Now, Hearing a rooster crow at night is considered a bad luck 👿 .But I don’t wanna get rid of my rooster! I get attached to all my pets very soon, and it becomes harder by the day to leave them 😦

Kannan- The Renowned Rooster 😉

So, If I get rid of the broken mirror and the rooster, I’ll be showered with Good Luck and apparently marks in all the exams!

– Indu Prakash