A shy girl’s woe – NOT!

Its actually not very easy for me to make friends! Aah, yes.. the blues of a shy girl! I always behave oddly around people when I don’t have a friend with me to distract me. If I got someone to talk to while walking through the streets or anywhere in a public place, I’ll forget all about the crowd. I’d like to be like that all the time. But that does not happen.

If for instance , I’m waiting for my friends at our usual place [Where we all meet!] 90% of the times, I reach first and have to wait for friends who are usually very very late. So, I’m standing there wondering what to do. Usually my phone comes to the rescue. I stare at my phone admiring all the scratches , cracks etc on it! And constantly texting my friends asking ‘Where are you?’ and the usual reply to that is ‘I’m Almost there’. Yeah right! 😛

My point is that even when I’m outside, I like to live in my own bubble. I don’t like making new friends. 😉


Photo Courtesy: fightaneclipse

Now, I know why. I love my old friends [and some new ones :)] And I don’t want anyone to ruin what we have. As simple as that. 🙂

reyeslove:  cheesemonsterr:  cel1677:  So TRUE! My Bests are people who became part of me and my family. We’re sisters by heart..  grateful to God by giving them to me, love you mga Bessy ko!