I’m Sick

I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m cranky and I’m sleepy.

Two weeks ago, I loved rain. It was cool. It was Romantic. And rain somehow calms me down. It was the perfect weather to curl up on the couch watching movies.

Now, Its so cold that it chills me to the bone. It ruins every plan of going outside. Taking pictures is out of question in rain. I’m always soaking wet even after holding an umbrella. The roads are always flooded. And every car splashes water from the puddle all over.

And what’s worse?

I’m sick .¬†

My head hurts. I got fever and also a sore throat.

So for now, I’m gonna take a NAP. By the way, there’s a reason why I’m emphasizing the word ‘NAP’. Apparently there’s a new meaning for it from now(Among my friends)! ūüėÄ ūüėČ




Its pouring here. A week back if anyone asked me what I needed the most [Besides, more marks in my exam] I would’ve said Rain. I didn’t even have to think. But it seems that I didn’t think that through. I don’t remember if I have wrote about this before but, me and my friends have a ‘Tradition’. Every other week we make sure that, we all find time to go out to the city and have some fun. But its not easy as it sounds. Everyone’s in college in different parts of south India. But vacations, Study holidays, festival seasons are like goldmine for our ‘Tradition’ . ¬†

The problem with Rain is that it throws cold water over our efforts, literally! Its not the same when everyone’s under their umbrellas, and one has to talk at the top of their voice. On the Sidewalks here, only one person can go in one direction if you are holding an umbrella. So we’ll be walking in a line most of the time till we reach somewhere proper to sit and talk. And less photos to upload on Facebook due to the fear that camera will be ruined in the rain.! Everything is so beautiful once it rains. Its a shame that we don’t get to capture all the sceneries.

As the topic now is Rain, I couldn’t help but write about Raina! Suresh Raina is my current favorite Cricket player. He’s the Indian team captain for their West Indies tour as Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni is rested. They are playing the first match today and I’m wishing all the luck in the world to him and the team. ūüôā¬†

June 1 – Memories

girlfootballer-x:  I love rainy days<3

Its raining. And I’m Loving it ūüôā

Most of the schools here in Kerala reopens on June 1st. I could see a lot of excited kids waiting for their school buses today. I’m pretty sure that today would be one of the few days that they would be excited to go to the school!

Everything about today took me back to my good old school going days. First day of school was always the most awaited day of the year.

New bag, new shoes, new uniform, new books and especially a new umbrella. Of course after all the work that went into shopping these items makes it even more special. The last week of May is like a celebration. 

¬†I didn’t care if I get to the school or not, I just wanted to try on the new uniform, put on the bag, and the shoes and just run out into the rain.¬†Splashing in the muddy puddles on the roads and reaching the school all drenched.¬†


All those days are long gone. I wish the old days would come back, ¬†but I know that wishing for it isn’t going to make it happen.

Coz its raining, and i’m bored!

Yes, its raining here, in December.!

I’m so bloody bored today, so these are just the load of crap on my mind right now.

It all started with my new Docomo¬†Sim. I bought a new¬†Sim¬†because I wanted a unique phone number. Apart from that I was getting so many calls from coaching¬†center’s¬†offering discounts, in my current number. It was getting irritating, so i thought it was time for a new number.

I got a number starting with 77. kinda unique..! I was very happy with the number. So I went home,and messaged everyone that i’ll have a new number from tomorrow.

Next day, I changed the sim, and what do I see??

My phone’s showing the roaming symbol.[Later found out that roaming is only in and around my home, area in 2km radius!] So I called the customer care, I didnt know what I have to do, to talk to a human.!

So I went to the Docomo website, and there it said that I can chat with them if I needed any assistance. I entered my number and name, and I got to chat with a Mr.Sudhakar. And he kept calling me ‘Sir’! He told me to try putting it in another phone. I did that, and there was no such symbol on my Dad’s Nokia phone. Mine’s LG, by the way.

I told that to him, and I¬†didn’t¬†get a reply, because my net connection went very slow.

I went to the docomo office, in Thalassery and they kept laughing at the fact that my phone shows roaming near my home. They did something with the phone, and said that it won’t show roaming anymore. I believed it, and went and did the offer for 2GB internet for Rs48. Oh, and they told me that I just have to dial 9 after dialing customer care number to talk to someone.

I reached home, and there, it was again.! I called the customer care number,and they told me that this is happening because of the tie-up between them and Airtel, and that call-rates will be normal. I don’t know what the tie-up is.

Call rates were not the problem. It was the internet. I couldn’t use the opera mini browser, bcoz there’s no connection,as I was roaming. And I could use the mobile browser, but the problem was that they keep charging me for the net, apparently bcoz i’m roaming and all offers won’t be valid, when I’m, yes, you guessed it right, roaming! Damn.!

Also, I’m not getting much messages, these days because, all my friends are either busy with exams or projects.

Its like, my phone’s on a vacation. It only takes less than a minute to charge my phone these days.!

Moving On

I still remember everything,

Like it was just yesterday

It was a warm summer evening,

I saw you walking towards me

And my whole world stopped

You had me since the first hello.


I knew my Life would never be the same again

I felt like a princess and you were the prince

You were the one, and I knew it well

Life was beautiful because of you


Walking in the rain

Conversations that never end

You even told me that you loved me

And promised that you would stand by me forever


I planned out our future

I even day-dreamed,

Walking down the aisle

In a beautiful white gown


But that day, turned everything around

I heard you talking to your friends about me

You were telling them sick things and

How it I was the easiest of all his preys

Your words felt like knives piercing me

You were a wolf in a sheep’s clothing

I realized that you were just pretending


You saw me, and I could see it

In your eyes that you were not sorry

But you came running after me apologizing

And how you were just joking around,

And I said ” How could you do this to me,

I thought I knew you,

Just leave me alone,

And don’t ever come into my life again”


I felt deserted

I never imagined we’d end like this

Darkness creeping into my life

As I realized that everything was gone


The girl in the mirror was betrayed,

and she cried herself to sleep

But then again, finding out now was easier

And I want you to know that I’m moving on.

Note: This is just a fragment of my imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.