I’m Sick

I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m cranky and I’m sleepy.

Two weeks ago, I loved rain. It was cool. It was Romantic. And rain somehow calms me down. It was the perfect weather to curl up on the couch watching movies.

Now, Its so cold that it chills me to the bone. It ruins every plan of going outside. Taking pictures is out of question in rain. I’m always soaking wet even after holding an umbrella. The roads are always flooded. And every car splashes water from the puddle all over.

And what’s worse?

I’m sick . 

My head hurts. I got fever and also a sore throat.

So for now, I’m gonna take a NAP. By the way, there’s a reason why I’m emphasizing the word ‘NAP’. Apparently there’s a new meaning for it from now(Among my friends)! 😀 😉


Just For The Sake Of It

Its almost Sunday afternoon and I still don’t feel like writing. Either the blogging side of my brain is taking this day off, Or too much Java programming on a sunday morning caused my brain to shut down.

By the way, If you are a foodie and a fan of Malayalam movies, better watch Salt n’ Pepper for a mouth-watering experience!  But I’m warning you, Don’t watch it with an empty stomach.

I did promise to post something everyday. So here are some Quotes. Enjoy.

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Nature At Its Best








The Deciding Moment

Last month, before I almost quit blogging, I was annoying my friends for topics to write on. So my friend suggested that I write about the exam results and all the emotions that go through me on that day.

The week before the results is always the same. The rumors  about the results will be spreading like a wildfire. Every morning someone will start the chain of Sms that says that the result will be out today. No one believes it at first, but all of us will be online till 7pm constantly refreshing the University website, just in case.

After two or three days of rumors you kinda stop worrying . “Let the results come, I don’t care” . If you even remotely thought like that, believe me the results will be out that day, and in most cases that very moment. Kinda like Murphy’s law.

After one hell of a fun day , I’ll be waiting for a bus home . That’s when some voice in my head whispers – “Check Facebook!”  So I take out my phone and casually starts going through all the current updates by my friends. There – “Result out” , ” 😦 ” ,  ” 😀 ” , “Full pass” , “Why god, why?” , “Thank God” . Lot of emotions in one page.

“What the hell , Lemme check mine.”

And what do you have?

“The page is not currently available”


“The page is not currently available”


“The page is not currently available”

Stupid phone.

[I never check my results from cafe’s.I feel like its bad luck!]

After a 20mins that seemed like an eternity, I reach home.

I run to the computer . Switching it on takes an unusually long time.

Constant refreshing of the website and you see the result.

2 backlogs.


*2 Minutes Later*

Eh! I’m hungry. Let me get something to eat. 😉

[One more incident to prove that I don’t take anything seriously!]


I haven’t written a proper blog post for over a month now. There’s a lot of stuff I want to share but something holding me back.  I didn’t even log in to check if there was any pending comments. I even thought of quitting blogging.  But then again there’s not much going on in my real life, so why quit the only thing that kept me going through the last couple of months and make my life completely miserable.!

So here are some Little things I wanted to share:

1. I can type much faster now. All the Java  Programming is finally paying off!

2. By the way, Did I tell you that I’m taking Java and Android classes. Its been 2 months I think. I’m loving the Android Lab sessions. I wouldn’t normally go to any so called vacation classes, but this I had to (To escape from all the Questions-Read my last post!)!

3. I got a haircut! That might not be a huge news for you, but it is for me. I was planning to grow my hair long. But its like what they say – When you have long hair you want it to be short, and when you have short hair, you want long hair.! 😀 For now I like my hair short. But I know that this feeling will only last for couple of days.

4. I hate my brown contact lens now. I want either blue or my natural black eyes back! I could walk around without the contacts. But I’ll literally be blind. 0_O

5. I want an Android phone.  After learning so much about Android operating system, I’m sure that I can take care of my phone. I can even create Android Applications! Dad, Are you listening?!

6. I just realized that I missed blogging.

From today the postaday2011 challenge is back ON! 🙂

See you guys soon 🙂

And so it begins..

“What are your next plans?”

“Where are you working now?”

Two questions that an unemployed graduate would never want to hear from anyone. Yes, I’ve been hearing a lot of these questions lately by my friends and family and obviously the neighbors!  You’ll be surprised by the number of times i get asked these a day. All I can think is “Make me disappear NOW” I’m already living in a constant state of frustration, all they do is make it worse.

What the hell am i supposed to do now? Of course I’m not done Sulking about where my life has ended up.!

You keep telling yourself that its a challenging economy.  Well I’ve seen it yesterday at a Mega Job fair. Thousands of students were gathered hoping to get a job. But it all turned out to be a scam. Guess the people who organized this whole thing was frustrated unemployed graduates!

I still believe that everything’s gonna get better. Fingers crossed 🙂


We had chemistry!

Now that I’ve got your attention, this post has nothing to do with chemistry between two people or any of that kinda crap.

This is entirely based on our Chemistry class in school. Its chemistry, so it was supposed to be boring. No surprise there.

Note : This post contain many events that were kept as secret to the outside world until now. You should be privileged to be a part of this revealing.

Note : We used to write notes like this in our chemistry note books!

So these chemistry classes were the most boring class of my life, at first. But then we found some creative ways to make the class more fun and entertaining. So much fun that we started longing for a Chemistry class.

There is always a main activity and some sub activities. First lets talk about the main activity. For the girls, Its the love letter writing. That’s where all these started. I should take a moment to thank those classes for making me who I am today- a Blogger! You throw a bunch of teenage girls to a boring class and get them talking. Eventually they’ll all get to one topic- Love! Well, not Love exactly but Crushes. I had an awful lot of crushes those days! More about my crushes some other day.

I can proudly say that I started it.  I write letters to my friends. Not as me, but I imagine how their crushes would write to them. It could be Actors, musicians, Sports personalities, or even the boy from a next class! I got to read a bunch of those letters I wrote, last day, and Boy, was I talented! Thanks to my friend for still cherishing it. 🙂

Now lets get to the main activity of the boys. Give them a chalk or a pen, and they’ll create a world full of graffiti. Its like art, but on chairs and walls. You can even expect 3D images on theirs books. I’ve seen some of those and I should say, It was very Creative. 😀

“Lets play Dumb Charades!” In every boring situation, one of us would break the silence and shout out this sentence. Dumb Charades is a word guessing game. During the class, its played among the girls. In the break, it is usually Girls Vs Boys. That was fun.


Our chair looked like this.

In a class you can do a million things to do to irritate the person sitting in front of you. Some of those brilliant things include writing with chalk on the chair or on the shirts and Kicking your best friends chair in class But when he/she looks back, you act totally oblivious like you have NO idea what’s going on.

And my favorite, crushing chalks and placing it on the chair and waiting for an unfortunate person to sit on it.

The person in front of you is like a Christmas tree waiting for its decoration. Tying a small rope on the back of another person’s pants to make it look like a tail was common those days. If the person in the front row is the curly haired boy, expect a lot of decorations with the most unusual things, on his hair. 😀

Smiley MSN Emoticon 156.gif

Throwing chalks and paper planes were some of the less evil things we did.

An the end of all the work, It wouldn’t be a total surprise to see at least some of them sleep like a baby.

 Smiley MSN Emoticon sleeping 135.gif

Boys have competitions on, who can walk the farthest when the the teacher turns to write on the board.

One of my friend told me that they used to throw water balloons at each other during class. I don’t believe that. But then again, If you can do all the above said things, Anything is possible.

But the more fun is during the Chemistry lab. Titration experiments was the one I love. We did a LOT of titrations. I don’t remember much of what we did in the lab, except that it had something to do with pipettes and burettes and that some chemical we used to do the experiments used to stink like hell.! At the end of our experiments, the teacher would leave the lab and would tell us to clean all the beakers, test tubes etc that we used and to keep it in its place. That’s when the water fight begins. It sure gets wild. 😉

Thanks to our Chemistry Teacher for being so generous and letting us make a lot of memories for us to cherish our whole life. 🙂

And now not a day goes by when I don’t think about these happenings.

  • Waiting for the single P.T. period of the week.
  • Chasing each other during the intervals.
  • So many hands in one lunch box.
  • The birthdays.
  • The morning assembly.
  • Class tours.
  • Annual days.
  • Christmas, New year and valentine’s day.

If I could have one wish now, I would wish for that days to come back.

“School’s out, Memories past, Don’t ever doubt, Our friendship will last.”