Where was I?

Have you noticed that I haven’t been updating my blog for the past 2 weeks? Yes? For those of whom who did notice that I was gone too long, I owe an explanation. For others, Check my blog often, you could be missing out on the world’s greatest.. mm.. something!

So, Where was I??

At home, sulking over the fact that every single piece of technology that could connect me to the internet suddenly gave up. Its was like the universe is trying to tell me something. The same thing that my mom and dad are saying all along.


I know what you are thinking. What did I do to deserve all the yelling?

I didn’t study my books when I had to.

I’m still not touching my books. The supplementary exams are only a month away. Usually,I treat a month like its a billion years. I got time to study, No need to worry. But no, not this time, I’m a little scared. Well, at least in the morning. Every morning I decide to study. But then I fall for all the distractions. Facebook, TV, Internet. Everything seems interesting these days.

But then the Universe decided to take some action. First, something happened to my phone’s display. It turned white. (with occasional rainbow colored lines! :D)  I turned to my PC. I couldn’t connect to the internet.

It rains all day too. So anyone with a sane mind would start studying. What did I do? I did turn to books! But it was novels. 😛 I read Confirmed Bachelor by Roberta Leigh. I was OK. Now I’m reading a book by Meera Syal -Life isn’t all ha ha hee hee. Seems good.  🙂



I haven’t written a proper blog post for over a month now. There’s a lot of stuff I want to share but something holding me back.  I didn’t even log in to check if there was any pending comments. I even thought of quitting blogging.  But then again there’s not much going on in my real life, so why quit the only thing that kept me going through the last couple of months and make my life completely miserable.!

So here are some Little things I wanted to share:

1. I can type much faster now. All the Java  Programming is finally paying off!

2. By the way, Did I tell you that I’m taking Java and Android classes. Its been 2 months I think. I’m loving the Android Lab sessions. I wouldn’t normally go to any so called vacation classes, but this I had to (To escape from all the Questions-Read my last post!)!

3. I got a haircut! That might not be a huge news for you, but it is for me. I was planning to grow my hair long. But its like what they say – When you have long hair you want it to be short, and when you have short hair, you want long hair.! 😀 For now I like my hair short. But I know that this feeling will only last for couple of days.

4. I hate my brown contact lens now. I want either blue or my natural black eyes back! I could walk around without the contacts. But I’ll literally be blind. 0_O

5. I want an Android phone.  After learning so much about Android operating system, I’m sure that I can take care of my phone. I can even create Android Applications! Dad, Are you listening?!

6. I just realized that I missed blogging.

From today the postaday2011 challenge is back ON! 🙂

See you guys soon 🙂


I wrote a post on superstitions yesterday. Hope you all have read it. There’s nothing creepy about that! 😀

Okay, the thing is that i wanted to write a post about bad omens. You know, just a random topic. I was so busy that i didnt get much time to sit in front of the PC. So i decided to write it from my phone while i was sitting in a bus. I wrote ‘Omen’ as the title and suddenly my phone got switched off. Just like that! Now that’s creepy huh?

So what do you think that was all about??

That some unknown force is trying to tell me about the future or is telling me that there is some disaster going to hit the earth.. Or it was to indicate that something terrible is going to happen to me or the bus i was travelling in??

Do you know what i think?!

“Time for a new phone!!”

– Indu Prakash

Just something to write

I haven’t been posting much these days, except for the postaday2011 challenge.
So this post is just to let you know about all the happenings in my life. You know, just the stuff that I wanna share! 😛
I’m so happy to let you know that I got two blogging buddies- Isabelle and Mia. Looking forward for more buddies. 🙂 I didn’t know that there could be blogging buddy. The concept was new to me. It feels awesome that there will be people to read and comment or even ‘like’ my blog. I’l do the same for them. 🙂 So if you are reading this, Isabelle and Mia, You are amazing 🙂
Another thing. I got Course Viva tomorrow. And look at me, blogging away!!
I should also tell you that I’m writing this on my phone. So if thist post looks odd, blame my phone! 😀
Oh, i almost forgot. .HAPPY EASTER to everyone.

Indu Prakash