Yeyyyy!! Its Sunday

Its Sunday.. My favorite day of the week.


  • Because its a holiday for the whole family[Love it 🙂 ]
  • Its the only day I read newspapers! [Can’t blame me, I’m a busy gal during weekdays!]
  • Tv’s never switched off on Sundays . We turn that room into the dining hall! [And I like it!]
  • Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep!! [Its the day to make up for all the lost sleep of the week]
  • A day for my pets. I take them for a long walk. [Love ’em!]

The only downside to sunday is that tomorrow is monday. Back to college. 😦

Dedicated to Kunju

Remember kunju?

If no, read this.

She was one of my pets. A hen..


This is to let you know that she was brutally murdered by a stray dog last tuesday.

Rest In Peace..