People say that a job should be something that you love to do or you’ll regret forever. So it must be good that I haven’t started my career path yet. Time to lay out the choices and think. Or is it too late?

I”m in love with programming languages now more than ever. I took Electronics and Communication as my main in college, so there wasn’t much programming there except for the basic C programming in the first two years. I didn’t realize it then, but that was my favorite subject in my whole Engineering course. I should have taken Computer Science Engineering.  There is no one to blame for it. I didn’t have any clue whatsoever about the possibilities after school. And honestly I didn’t care. I took everything lightly and left the decision-making to my parents. They did the best they could.

And now I hate Electronics so much that I feel bad for it! So its decided that I’ll start my career in Programming, hopefully. I’m guessing that’s what a Software Engineer do! 😛

That’s decided. Now what if I wake up one day and I just hate my job?  I got that figured out too. I made a list of everything that interests me and I’ve selected the best two. This doesn’t mean that I’ll quit the job, but something to take my mind off it.


With films like Salt n’ Pepper and Julie & Julia , It would be a surprise if anyone didn’t get interested in cooking. But that was not the reason I’m in love with cooking. I had to learn to cook last year. There was a lot of reason behind it, but I’m not gonna write about all that here. So there I was, in the kitchen with no idea whatsoever about cooking. Wrote down a lot of recipes from the internet and I started cooking with a little excitement and a lot of nervousness. Then I got my first complement and it was one hell of a tasty ride from there (yes, there were some disasters, which are bound to happen!! ) !

I’ve always wanted to own a restaurant or a coffee shop. <–That will be Option 1. Make lots of money with the first job, quit, and open a restaurant!


I love movies and I wanna be a Movie Director (or a film critic, but that needs a journalism degree) someday. This is also an option for me after retiring from the first job! 😀  Rom-coms and occasional thrillers.! Again , make lots of money, quit and take a course in film making, and there you go! 😀

#38045 Clip Art Graphic Of A Pink Guy Character Filming A Movie by Jester Arts

You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’

Fingers Crossed. 


Indu Prakash.



Encounter with a celebrity?

Describe your first encounter with a celebrity.

I haven’t had an encounter with any celebrity ever. And I’m not really looking forward to meeting any celebrities either! Seriously!! I know what you are thinking”What is wrong with this girl? Either she’s lying or she’s crazy”

Okay people, I don’t get excited over anything. These kinda things about me can’t be explained! It is weird.

Sure, if i get to meet my favorite actors or singers or sports persons, that would be great. But i won’t scream their names, cry, laugh hysterically or even fight for autographs! I would probably be the only person standing away from all the crazy fans. Just staring pointlessly at the celebrity thinking ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ 😉

Even after watching a lot of movies, I’m not anyone’s fan.! I do like some actors and actresses. But that doesn’t mean that i’m their fan, and i’d do crazy , stupid things for them! I’ll watch their movies. That’s it. My act of ‘likeness’ ends there.

Indu Prakash


2010 was the worst year of my life. So I’m bidding goodbye to 2010 with great pleasure.

Only thing that kept me going was all the movies!

So here’s the list of some of my favorite movies of 2010.


Leap Year

When in rome

Bounty Hunter

The last song

The back-up plan

Letters to juliet

Easy A

The twilight saga Eclipse

Eat pray love

The switch



Anjaana anjaani[Seriously, I thought it was Funny. I liked it]

Jhootha hi sahi



Looking forward to 2011.

2011 is gonna be my year.

Have an Awesome New Year..!


Random Nonsense

Very cold day, isn’t it?

It takes a lot of effort these days to get out of bed. But the image of a hot coffee calling out my name is so tempting!

Its Christmas eve. But the problem is that the so called ‘Christmas-spirit’ haven’t kicked in yet. As always, hanged the Christmas star ,and ate the cake.  And there’s a lot of Christmas special movies on TV today. But there’s something missing.

Oh, I almost forget, I might have told you about my craze for Guitar. If no, I’m telling you now. I wanted to study Guitar, or atleast buy one and take pictures holding it! I told my Dad that I decided to take Guitar lessons, But then he said “Why not Keyboard?”

I didn’t argue much, because I secretly decided that I’ll study both!

Then my sir told me that it would be confusing to study both. So I had to choose one.

I had to choose Keyboard, coz I didn’t think my dad would pay for a Guitar.

I bought a keyboard from Kannur for about Rs 6500/-

Did you know that Guitar costs only about Rs 1500/- ?!!

I could’ve bought that with my pocket money!

So the thing is that I’ve decided to buy a Guitar, in 2-3 months..

#Happy #Happy!!