Have you ever considered writing a book?

I was not a big fan of writing when I was a kid. Who knew that one day I’d be a blogger!

Do you know what the first thing I wrote? A love letter!

Its not actually what you think! I used to write love letters to my friends as if their favorite film actors, musicians etc would write! Like, If my friend is head over heels about a musician, I would write a letter with musical words like symphony, harmony etc etc!! 😀 You get the point, right?

In movies I’m a Rom Com Fanatic! Well, Most girls are.. 🙂

So you would’ve probably guessed what kind of a book I would write ? A love story or anything related to love!

I got some stories in my mind, but after its almost finished I lose interest in them. Someday I would write a story so that even I’ll fall in love with that story! Then I’ll make a movie out of it. I would even Direct that movie. Story, Screen Play and Direction by Indu Prakash!


Awesome Quotes


you may feel that you are lonely,but it doesn’t mean that you are alone..*hugs* 




i miss doing stupid things with my best friend :p


• request by midsummerstar • smile more, sigh less :)



to forgive is to free yourself~


I’m surrounded by angels. I call them my best friend ♥



sometimes when you fall, you fly~




Honesty is still the best, no matter what the risk is..

princess ♥



sometimes, all you need is patience :)



10 Things I Love About Myself

These are the things I love about myself. I’m not a narcissist or anything, but still..

  1. I’m a fast reader. I can scan through the entire four modules in an hour, but it has to be the hour before the exam! But the sad thing is that I have a very bad memory!
  2. I  forgive people way too quickly. Most of the times, its because I forget what it was all about!
  3. I love that nothing bothers me too much. I never get tensed.
  4. I see beauty in everything, even in some things I hate!
  5. I’m optimistic. I always have a feeling that everything will turn out right.
  6. I love that I used to be punctual. Now I try to be.!
  7. I can laugh at my own mistakes. I laugh all day!
  8. I’m a great listener. I listen to everything without any complaints. But usually my facial expression won’t agree with me. I’m bad at acting.
  9. I always stand up for what is right. Usually in a fight, I support the person who is right according to me.
  10. I’m a great writer. Well, at least I think so.

Now that I’ve written the 10 things I love about myself, the next step is to make a list of 10 things I hate about myself. That list is coming up soon.. Stay connected in this world of zeros and ones..!


To the prince Charming!

Loneliness got me thinking

about the one and only

This is to let you know

what’s going on in my mind

I’m here, wondering

where you are right now

what are you doing now

I want you to know

that i’m waiting for you

is it gonna be like the films

or as in all the fairy tales

“I’m standing in the balcony

wearing my best dress.

In the moon light,i see

you and your white horse”

That’s what I always dream of,

but I don’t want a fairytale

I dont want ‘Happily Ever After’

Whats the fun in that?

I want the fighting,

I want the happiness,

but a little sadness to go with it.

Moving On

I still remember everything,

Like it was just yesterday

It was a warm summer evening,

I saw you walking towards me

And my whole world stopped

You had me since the first hello.


I knew my Life would never be the same again

I felt like a princess and you were the prince

You were the one, and I knew it well

Life was beautiful because of you


Walking in the rain

Conversations that never end

You even told me that you loved me

And promised that you would stand by me forever


I planned out our future

I even day-dreamed,

Walking down the aisle

In a beautiful white gown


But that day, turned everything around

I heard you talking to your friends about me

You were telling them sick things and

How it I was the easiest of all his preys

Your words felt like knives piercing me

You were a wolf in a sheep’s clothing

I realized that you were just pretending


You saw me, and I could see it

In your eyes that you were not sorry

But you came running after me apologizing

And how you were just joking around,

And I said ” How could you do this to me,

I thought I knew you,

Just leave me alone,

And don’t ever come into my life again”


I felt deserted

I never imagined we’d end like this

Darkness creeping into my life

As I realized that everything was gone


The girl in the mirror was betrayed,

and she cried herself to sleep

But then again, finding out now was easier

And I want you to know that I’m moving on.

Note: This is just a fragment of my imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

My Life & Future, according to SMS!

We all get the so-called ‘Reply- Me sms’  all the time.

The messages which says “select a number from below and i’ll tell you how your life will turn out, how your partner is gonna look like, how you are gonna die, and what not?!!” [creepy,huh??]

Well, I admit..I always reply to these kind of messages!! It is fun!

So according to the ‘Reply-Me sms’ here’s my life and my future:

  • I’m sensitive and loving. [Well, that is true. :-D]
  • I’m a ‘Dil ka Acha’ friend [Definitely true..Any objection?]
  • I’ll Marry my best friend [Wonder who that is!]
  • I’ll have a love marriage in 2014 [May be I should start planning the wedding now!]
  • And our love story will be like the film ‘Rab ne bana di jodi'[I’ll marry an old guy???,but, i don’t have an old best friend!]
  • I’ll have three children [twin girls and a boy,cute!]
  • I’ll get a divorce[:-(]
  • I’ll be living abroad[yippee!, but Where??]
  • I”ll have a cool life[B-)]
  • Oh, and i’m gonna sink in the ocean, And die[so sad]

All these gonna be true??

Lets just wait and see..!

I’m not afraid

I’m not afraid of loneliness

I’m not afraid to take risks

I’m not afraid to fall in love

I’m not afraid to move on

I’m not afraid to cry

I’m not afraid to fly high

Ah..What the heck?

I’m just not AFRAID!!