Smallest bit of hope

Is it weird that I still have a little hope, that a miracle will happen to my life.

That i’ll wake up one day to find a fairytale coming true.

And that everything going bad in my life will be fixed.

lovequotesrus:  Photo Courtesy: cantsaywhereivebeen

To the prince Charming!

Loneliness got me thinking

about the one and only

This is to let you know

what’s going on in my mind

I’m here, wondering

where you are right now

what are you doing now

I want you to know

that i’m waiting for you

is it gonna be like the films

or as in all the fairy tales

“I’m standing in the balcony

wearing my best dress.

In the moon light,i see

you and your white horse”

That’s what I always dream of,

but I don’t want a fairytale

I dont want ‘Happily Ever After’

Whats the fun in that?

I want the fighting,

I want the happiness,

but a little sadness to go with it.