Unfinished Business

Is it just me, or does everyone have some unfinished business. I mean I know that I’m lazy and I procrastinate a LOT.
It was a terrible realization that I have a lot of stuff left incomplete.

1. I’ve got 4 posts are in draft now.
2. I always wanted to write a novel, or at least a short story. I have a story in mind and I’ve even started writing it. That was like 6 months ago. Haven’t added a word to it after that.
3. Twitter. I already gave up updating my personal account. But I want to increase the number of followers in my second account, which is all about quotes, to at-least a 1000. ūüėÄ I would’ve had far more followers if i update it daily. But no, what do i do? Leave it half-way and just wonder what could have happened if i complete it.

I’m gonna take the 30 day challenge. This is what I plan to do daily for the next 30 days.
1. Write the story. May be 250 words a day?! That would be enough, I guess. I’ll finish it in 30 days. If I’m satisfied with it, I’ll post it right here.
2. Take a picture a day. Photos of me, my friends, the nature, my pets, my home, anything and everything.

Now I have to complete the challenge.!


If you find snakes disturbing, don’t read the next part.

It rainy season here, but it still is weird that snakes are everywhere. Believe me, I’m seeing a minimum of 2 snakes a day. And that too near my home. Don’t be alarmed, but I even found a snake on the terrace. It was dead. Well, to be exact it was killed. I’m assuming that it was trying to get inside our home and someone closed the door. Its head was on one side of the door and rest of it was on the other side. I don’t know who closed the door at that correct time, but that was lucky. Who knows what could have happened if it entered the house. Scary thought.


Where was I?

Have you noticed that I haven’t been updating my blog for the past 2 weeks? Yes? For those of whom who did notice that I was gone too long, I owe an explanation. For others, Check my blog often, you could be missing out on the world’s greatest.. mm.. something!

So, Where was I??

At home, sulking over the fact that every single piece of technology that could connect me to the internet suddenly gave up. Its was like the universe is trying to tell me something. The same thing that my mom and dad are saying all along.


I know what you are thinking. What did I do to deserve all the yelling?

I didn’t study my books when I had to.

I’m still not touching my books. The supplementary exams are only a month away. Usually,I treat a month like its a billion years. I got time to study, No need to worry. But no, not this time, I’m a little scared. Well, at least in the morning. Every morning I decide to study. But then I fall for all the distractions. Facebook,¬†TV, Internet. Everything seems interesting these days.

But then the Universe decided to take some action. First, something happened to my phone’s display. It turned white. (with occasional¬†rainbow colored lines! :D) ¬†I turned to my PC. I couldn’t connect to the internet.

It rains all day too. So anyone with a sane mind would start studying. What did I do? I did turn to books! But it was novels. ūüėõ I read Confirmed Bachelor by Roberta Leigh. I was¬†OK. Now I’m reading a book by Meera Syal -Life isn’t all ha ha hee hee. Seems good. ¬†ūüôā


I Got Stung By A Wasp

I got stung by something that looks like this one, So I’m guessing that its a wasp.

It was on Monday evening. I was working on my project. My neighbor came to borrow the ladder. I grabbed the ladder and I got stung. How was I supposed to know that there was a wasp on it! It all happened in a split second. My mom ran to get some turmeric powder. And my neighbor went to get tulsi. Home remedies!


My left hand was swollen for ¬†24 hours [That’s how it works! Perfect Timing.] Now Its just a small brown dot.

I did wanna write about this yesterday. But typing with one hand- Not fun!

I’m Sick

I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m cranky and I’m sleepy.

Two weeks ago, I loved rain. It was cool. It was Romantic. And rain somehow calms me down. It was the perfect weather to curl up on the couch watching movies.

Now, Its so cold that it chills me to the bone. It ruins every plan of going outside. Taking pictures is out of question in rain. I’m always soaking wet even after holding an umbrella. The roads are always flooded. And every car splashes water from the puddle all over.

And what’s worse?

I’m sick .¬†

My head hurts. I got fever and also a sore throat.

So for now, I’m gonna take a NAP. By the way, there’s a reason why I’m emphasizing the word ‘NAP’. Apparently there’s a new meaning for it from now(Among my friends)! ūüėÄ ūüėČ


Just For The Sake Of It

Its almost Sunday afternoon and I still don’t feel like writing. Either the blogging side of my brain is taking this day off, Or too much Java programming on a sunday morning caused my brain to shut down.

By the way, If you are a foodie and a fan of Malayalam movies, better watch Salt n’ Pepper for a mouth-watering experience! ¬†But I’m warning you, Don’t watch it with an empty stomach.

I did promise to post something everyday. So here are some Quotes. Enjoy.

Photo Courtesy: t3rminally-chill


Photo Courtesy: piecesofrie

Photo Courtesy: fuckyeahthelionkinggifs







Nature At Its Best








The Deciding Moment

Last month, before I almost quit blogging, I was annoying my friends for topics to write on. So my friend suggested that I write about the exam results and all the emotions that go through me on that day.

The week before the results is always the same. The rumors  about the results will be spreading like a wildfire. Every morning someone will start the chain of Sms that says that the result will be out today. No one believes it at first, but all of us will be online till 7pm constantly refreshing the University website, just in case.

After two or three days of rumors you kinda stop worrying . “Let the results come, I don’t care” . If you even remotely thought like that, believe me the results will be out that day, and in most cases that very moment. Kinda like Murphy’s law.

After one hell of a fun day , I’ll be waiting for a bus home . That’s when some voice in my head whispers – “Check Facebook!” ¬†So I take out my phone and casually starts going through all the current updates by my friends. There – “Result out” , ” ūüė¶ ” , ¬†” ūüėÄ ” , “Full pass” , “Why god, why?” , “Thank God” . Lot of emotions in one page.

“What the hell , Lemme check mine.”

And what do you have?

“The page is not currently available”


“The page is not currently available”


“The page is not currently available”

Stupid phone.

[I never check my results from cafe’s.I feel like its bad luck!]

After a 20mins that seemed like an eternity, I reach home.

I run to the computer . Switching it on takes an unusually long time.

Constant refreshing of the website and you see the result.

2 backlogs.

OH GOD! ūüė•

*2 Minutes Later*

Eh! I’m hungry. Let me get something to eat. ūüėČ

[One more incident to prove that I don’t take anything seriously!]