About Me


I’m Indu Prakash.

Welcome to my Blog.

This blog is to share everything about me to the world.

So, If you wanna know about my likes, dislikes, school, college, pets, obsessions and everything else, just follow my blog daily.


I’m a small town girl.

I dream a lot, mostly day-dreams.

I’m a movie freak.

I wanna do a lot of things with my life.

I’m longing for a job, that keeps me ‘busy like hell’.

My idea of a perfect home keeps changing WAY too much.

My family and friends are my life. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I don’t like the fact that i love my pets too much. I just can’t bear if anything happens to them.

I don’t trust people easily.

I always say what I feel.

I take lot of time to adjust with anybody.[i’m working on that]


This is what I think about me..

What do you think about me?? Feel free to let me know anytime!

P.S: Thanks for reading!

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