I Got Stung By A Wasp

I got stung by something that looks like this one, So I’m guessing that its a wasp.

It was on Monday evening. I was working on my project. My neighbor came to borrow the ladder. I grabbed the ladder and I got stung. How was I supposed to know that there was a wasp on it! It all happened in a split second. My mom ran to get some turmeric powder. And my neighbor went to get tulsi. Home remedies!


My left hand was swollen for  24 hours [That’s how it works! Perfect Timing.] Now Its just a small brown dot.

I did wanna write about this yesterday. But typing with one hand- Not fun!

6 responses to “I Got Stung By A Wasp

  1. I like to think of wasps as people. Most of the time they have no reason to harm you, unless you harm them first, but there are still the odd nutcases that are out to harm anyone they can. I think that people are most often stung by the nutcase wasp…

    • I got stung by the first type.. It would’ve left me alone if I didn’t disturb it. But there are now some nutcases flying around trying to attack me!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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