The Deciding Moment

Last month, before I almost quit blogging, I was annoying my friends for topics to write on. So my friend suggested that I write about the exam results and all the emotions that go through me on that day.

The week before the results is always the same. The rumors  about the results will be spreading like a wildfire. Every morning someone will start the chain of Sms that says that the result will be out today. No one believes it at first, but all of us will be online till 7pm constantly refreshing the University website, just in case.

After two or three days of rumors you kinda stop worrying . “Let the results come, I don’t care” . If you even remotely thought like that, believe me the results will be out that day, and in most cases that very moment. Kinda like Murphy’s law.

After one hell of a fun day , I’ll be waiting for a bus home . That’s when some voice in my head whispers – “Check Facebook!”  So I take out my phone and casually starts going through all the current updates by my friends. There – “Result out” , ” 😦 ” ,  ” 😀 ” , “Full pass” , “Why god, why?” , “Thank God” . Lot of emotions in one page.

“What the hell , Lemme check mine.”

And what do you have?

“The page is not currently available”


“The page is not currently available”


“The page is not currently available”

Stupid phone.

[I never check my results from cafe’s.I feel like its bad luck!]

After a 20mins that seemed like an eternity, I reach home.

I run to the computer . Switching it on takes an unusually long time.

Constant refreshing of the website and you see the result.

2 backlogs.


*2 Minutes Later*

Eh! I’m hungry. Let me get something to eat. 😉

[One more incident to prove that I don’t take anything seriously!]

5 responses to “The Deciding Moment

      • I would rather not panic 😛 Because it doesn’t make any difference (as in I do not move my self around any faster thank you very much), it only makes my heart go boom boom pow.
        So it really has no positive impact…whatsoever.

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