My Earliest Memory

I was going through the daily post topics and found this. Write about your earliest Memory. 🙂

After a lot of effort digging through my poorly constructed brain, i found something. 😉 I have to say i’m very proud! I usually go blank when someone asks me about something that happened in the morning.

Here’s my Earliest memory:

I was three years old. A very small three year old! We were living in a rented house in a small town. And I remember that my Kinder Garten was so close to my home, it was literally the same building. All I have to do was to walk 10feet. But that wasn’t even an option. I wouldn’t let anyone walk me there, but someone has to give me a ride on the bicycle! An uncle who works at my dad’s shop always take me to KG on his bicycle. 😀

Another thing I remember is getting an electric shock. My dad used to work near my home. He has an electronics shop, so no need to say, there will be wires all over the place. And as I said, I was really small. One day I went under the table and pulled on some wires. I don’t remember the rest! 😉

I remember a dream I used to have when I was young. It is a dream, because there is no way in hell that I could do all that. So me and my mom is standing at the road side. A bus came and it went over my mom’s foot. The bus didn’t stop. So I ran after the bus, somehow managed to climb on to the bus, and started hitting the driver! 😛 I became a hero! 😀


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