Full House

Its the first TV series I started watching. I was hooked from the first scene.

Its a story about Danny Tanner and his family. He was a sports broadcaster (Who later became a Morning show host). He had a great family – A loving wife (Pam) and three little girls (D.J. , Stephanie and Michelle)

But his life turns upside down when his wife is killed by a drunk driver.  He becomes miserable and he don’t have any clue of how to raise his three girls. So he ask his Brother in law Jesse Katsopolis, and  his best friend Joey Gladstone to move in with them.  Jesse is a rock musician and an Elvis worshiper. Joey is a struggling comedian. 

Story revolves around these characters and how they raise the three girls. They also have an annoying neighbor Kimmy Gibbler who is also D.J’s best friend.  Later in the show Jesse gets married to Rebecca Donaldson who is Danny’s morning show co-host. And they have twin boys – Nicky and Alex. At the end of the eighth season, 9 people and a dog lives under the roof. So it sure was a FULL HOUSE.

Full House intro.jpg

This sitcom started airing on September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995. I was not born then but all the episodes were repeatedly shown in a local channel.

The character of Jesse Katsopolis or Uncle Jesse is played by John Stamos. I has a huge crush on this guy for years! My first crush. Awww!

John Stamos, The Olsen Twins

John Stamos

Cute huh?!  I saw him on Glee couple of weeks ago. Still looks Awesome.

Lori Loughlin, John Stamos

John Stamos Ay chihuahua!!! :)


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