Inventions I need the most

 The postaday2011 topic for the day is “What invention do you most need right now?” 

I got three machines I would like to own. Two of these are very important.

1. A Time Machine:

A typical wish. All I want to do with this machine is to go back to the past and correct all the mistakes I made, to take different decisions etc etc.. Well, that’s not really it.. I don’t have many stuff to change in the past. Except for the answers I wrote in my examination! For this I want my second machine, because even if I get 100 chances, I’m not going to study the subject I failed. So the second invention I need the most now is..

2. An invisible robot:

Why, an invisible robot? To help with all the answers in the exams. The robot would study everything and will whisper it to me. Anything more technical than the whispering, is also acceptable. When I say invisible, its just invisible to all others but me. I’ll have some device fitted to my contact lens. I’ll have a spare spectacles with this device fitted, you know, just in case! The robot could also help me in anything and everything.

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Moodie Character Sitting Happy On An Idea Light Bulb by Johnny Sajem

3. A shrink ray: I don’t need a shrink ray right now, but if I get the other two I’ll donate this for the good of the world!. Can you imagine the things we can do with a shrink ray? If you want to replace an old building , shrink the old building instead of  destroying it. Pile up all the unwanted stuff, and shrink it. Okay, shame on me, but that’s all the ideas that I could think of!


4 responses to “Inventions I need the most

    • This could be shocking, but I’m not a Harry Potter fan! So I don’t know what the magic bag does. But It could be great to own something magical!
      And Good to see you back, Isabelle 🙂

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