Angry Birds Mania!

Add Super-fast free internet, loads of free time, No friends online and what do you get??! – ANGRY BIRD MANIA!! Never have I imagined that the idea on destroying pigs would be so AWESOME!

Here’s the deal- A group of Angry Birds are trying to destroy some pigs by using a slingshot to throw them-self , who are guarded by materials like wood, ice etc. These birds are angry for a reason- The pigs took their eggs- a SOLID reason.

Thats all I did today. Non stop gaming! Is it weird that, today seems like a very productive day? 😉 I thought of naming this day ‘Angry Birds Day’ , you know just something to remember this day by! But there’s already a day for Angry birds- Dec 11. But still this is gonna be my ‘Angry Birds day’!

May be its because I didn’t play the full game, but I’m so Angry now.. Now where’s my slingshot?!


5 responses to “Angry Birds Mania!

  1. Hmmm…haven’t played this one yet…

    Although I don’t think I need any more of being angered 😛 What with grade 12th and paranoid parents (mom, to be specific)…life’s one heck of a Angry Bird game! 😛

    • Yup.. Been there. 🙂
      I suggest that you try this game only after your 12th grade exams..
      Or May be if you feel like killing someone!! 😉
      Anyways, All the best for everything in your life 🙂

      • Hehe. Yeah I think I’ll wait till my exams are over 😉

        Thanks. 🙂 Same to you.

        (PS – all this wishing luck makes it seem like we’re both not going to be there for any longer :P)

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