What a useless day!

Today was such a waste. Its Motor Vehicle Strike, here in the God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Every working day, I just keep wishing for a day off.  And I always have a list of things I want to do when I get a day off. Like, completing all the pending works, to cleaning my room….the list goes on. After a hectic week, My wish did come true, today – A DAWN TO DUSK MOTOR VEHICLE STRIKE.

“Its Strike today”- That was the first thought that came to mind today after the alarm went off.

So what did I do??

Hit the snooze button and went back to sleep. After hitting the Snooze button over 10-15 times and almost throwing my phone to the floor, that’s when I realize that I overslept. So I got up with hell-of-a-messy hair and a bad headache from sleeping too much.

Lucky for me, the tea was served. Sipping that wonderful tea knocked the headache out of my head. That’s when I find out that One of My two pet dogs just got loose , that too in place where people fear dogs more than they fear the devil or Vampire! Grabbed some biscuits and walked out the door to find my dog, sadly looking like a devil! No sign of him (Dog) whatsoever. One thing about my neighborhood, that you should know is that ‘ Everyone wants to about Everything’ with excruciating details, of course!

“What is it?”

“The dog went loose”

“Which one? The Big one or the small?”

“The big one!”

“Where did it go?”

“I don’t know”

If I know where my Dog is, I would be there, rather than talking to you, Neighbor! – I didn’t say that.

“Lemme search”

Imagine the same conversation with every single one of your neighbors! I was fuming!

Lucky for me, I saw a glimpse of the dog at the end of the road. I ran! The dog saw me, and thought that someone was coming to attack him, and fled! Did I tell you, that I look like a Devil?!

I called out his name [Richu], and there he was running to me crying like a baby!! Yes Seriously! Just like in the films!

We walked to home. I watched him gulp a lot of water!

On my way to my room, I saw my reflection and even I was scared! Took a shower.

Like all the strikes, harthal’s etc this day is an ‘All-you-can-eat day!’



Nothing happened in the between Breakfast and Lunch unless you call ‘sleeping, reading magazines and snacks and occasional visits to the kitchen to help mom’ something.

Well nothing happened after lunch either!!

Its the days like these that gets the whole family under one roof.

But still it was just a useless day.


8 responses to “What a useless day!

  1. My brother-in-law had a pigeon, which he named Brownie.
    It was moe a dog rather than a pigeon.If it found some one new in the house, it would go near him, of couse keepong a safe distance and then go on loudly growling at him, yes itsounded like growling. It used to go high up into the sky now ad then until it became just a speck or not even a speck.
    One day, it went up above the world like this and did not return. My nephews were inconsolable and my b-i-l. Went around the city llike a mad man, in search of it. After a few days, while he was going along aroad not very distant from his house, he looked up a big tree .There we a number of birds on the tree , but one of them looked like the bird. My b-i-l called out its name a number of times and the bird stepped down branch by branch and after an hour it descended on his shoulders.

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