Really ‘Dear’?!

The word ‘Dear’ used to be just another word for me. But now it irritates the hell out of me!


Very often I get text messages with ‘Dear’ in it..

“Good Morning Dear”

“Have a nice day, Dear”

“How are you, Dear”

I don’t see any point in using this word everywhere. If you really have to use the word ‘Dear’, call someone who is actually dear to you. Why waste it on me?!


-Indu Prakash


16 responses to “Really ‘Dear’?!

  1. i agree..totally..
    what is the whole point in calling anybody and every body “dear”, many dont even mean freind/../brother/../sister/.. when the say “dear”…
    such usages just dilute the whole words, and they mean nothing when you actully want them to mean something.

  2. “I’ll call you dear” (psst…she never called by the way)
    “Oh my how are you now dear?” (I’m sure she was yawning while she wrote this)
    etc etc.

    And here’s me – who uses ‘dear’ when she is irritated or wants to be very very sarcastic. Yep, the world has many kinds of people!

  3. I hate calling someone dear. It makes me sound silly.
    Ofcourse, calling someone dear when you are trying to be sarcastic, silly, funny etc is ok….
    People calling me dear? I don’t mind a few close friends calling me that, but not the rest of the world.

  4. You wrote that in a very bad mood! I assumed it is a ‘he’ too. When I call someone dear, it makes me feel old. I seldom use it for that case :-).

    • I can’t even imagine me calling someone ‘Dear’!
      Its not ‘a he’. Lot of guys send ‘Dear’ with text messages, chats etc. But I’m happy to say that ‘Dear- calling’ decreased dramatically after this post. People are reading!!

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