Before I start, I have to tell you that I don’t believe in these kinda stuffs. I don’t believe in Superstitions, omens, ghosts, after life and not even in God.

My life hasn’t been good the last couple of months. My exam result mainly and couple of other things. Nothings going right for me.

There’s an old woman living near our house, and comes to visit occasionally. So she keeps telling us to change two things in our house to get rid of all the bad luck!

1. Remove the broken mirror in the Wardrobe (Almari). The mirror is not completely broken, but there is a crack. Breaking a mirror means 7 years of bad luck, unless you take the pieces outside & bury them in moonlight. Yeah right! Like I’m gonna do that! 😀

2. Get rid of our Rooster. Yes, I have a rooster. The problem is that he crows at night. Now, Hearing a rooster crow at night is considered a bad luck 👿 .But I don’t wanna get rid of my rooster! I get attached to all my pets very soon, and it becomes harder by the day to leave them 😦

Kannan- The Renowned Rooster 😉

So, If I get rid of the broken mirror and the rooster, I’ll be showered with Good Luck and apparently marks in all the exams!

– Indu Prakash

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