Taking a Breather

I’m taking a break from blogging for a week.

Well, My seventh semester results are out, And I failed in one subject. It wasn’t really expected, but its okay.  I mean its my favorite subject, So I don’t mind studying it again! I failed, but that’s not the problem! I’m not disappointed, I didn’t get tensed, I’m not even a little sad! I’m guessing all my nerves are dead!!

I’m gonna take some time off from everything. I’m not gonna blog for a week. But don’t be surprised if you see a new post in 2 days!! I’ll come back to blogging if  i get too bored from my regular boring life! So don’t Believe anything I say. If I keep my word and not blog, assume that I’m having a Awesome week, or I’m sleeping 24×7.

I’m surprised that you read this post! Sorry for wasting your time!

Indu Prakash


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