Encounter with a celebrity?

Describe your first encounter with a celebrity.

I haven’t had an encounter with any celebrity ever. And I’m not really looking forward to meeting any celebrities either! Seriously!! I know what you are thinking”What is wrong with this girl? Either she’s lying or she’s crazy”

Okay people, I don’t get excited over anything. These kinda things about me can’t be explained! It is weird.

Sure, if i get to meet my favorite actors or singers or sports persons, that would be great. But i won’t scream their names, cry, laugh hysterically or even fight for autographs! I would probably be the only person standing away from all the crazy fans. Just staring pointlessly at the celebrity thinking ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ 😉

Even after watching a lot of movies, I’m not anyone’s fan.! I do like some actors and actresses. But that doesn’t mean that i’m their fan, and i’d do crazy , stupid things for them! I’ll watch their movies. That’s it. My act of ‘likeness’ ends there.

Indu Prakash


6 responses to “Encounter with a celebrity?

  1. You are funny. I have many contacts with celbritys over my career. Most are great and very humble people, they are just people. Only a few have been a little uppty.

    Several years back I met one of the screenwriters for the Pirates of the Carribean movies and this was just before it was coming out. He was like a kid in a candy jar. He was so excited about his new project and he wanted to share how all of us could come up with a concept and sell it just like he and his writing partner.

    I believe the key is to show respect for their work, but to also understand that they have lives just as we do and they want to have them with their children and family too.

    • Thank you for reading 🙂
      I know, that’s what I keep thinking. They are just people, who happened to be famous. Let them live a peaceful life, like all of us do.

  2. I must be one of the weird person you mentioned above. 😀

    Back in the day, I met a lot of local celebrities. But I love the celebrity just on the screen not in the flesh. They’re just strangers who happened to be famous. Some of them can be nice and some of them can be the opposite.

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