What am I supposed to write?

I’m not actually liking todays postaday2011 topic! What percentage of Americans believe in the devil? I know.. What the hell, right?!

What am I supposed to write? 

According to a Gallop poll, nearly 70% of Americans believe in Devil.

Well, I’m not an American, and also, I do not believe in Devil! I don’t even believe in God, for that matter. I think that these are just some misconceptions. And there’s no God or Power or any of that sort. People believe in all these, so that they have something/someone to blame on, when anything goes wrong.

So there, I said it. I have no interest or belief in God or the Devil! Zilch!

Indu Prakash


4 responses to “What am I supposed to write?

  1. Nice thought, Indu.

    Some people might think that your post is provocative, especially in my country where every citizen should believe an entity called GOD.

    Hahhaha…. Btw, I don’t believe in God who creates this world and human, either. But I don’t want to comment any further. I respect people who believe God and who doesn’t.

    It’s much better if we can live happily and peacefully without worrying which kind of God people believe in.

    • Even India is a very religious and spiritual country. I got friends who go to temples every single day. May be that gives them a sense of protection or something like that. But that seems odd to me. I don’t believe in God. I don’t even pray during my exams!

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