Just something to write

I haven’t been posting much these days, except for the postaday2011 challenge.
So this post is just to let you know about all the happenings in my life. You know, just the stuff that I wanna share! 😛
I’m so happy to let you know that I got two blogging buddies- Isabelle and Mia. Looking forward for more buddies. 🙂 I didn’t know that there could be blogging buddy. The concept was new to me. It feels awesome that there will be people to read and comment or even ‘like’ my blog. I’l do the same for them. 🙂 So if you are reading this, Isabelle and Mia, You are amazing 🙂
Another thing. I got Course Viva tomorrow. And look at me, blogging away!!
I should also tell you that I’m writing this on my phone. So if thist post looks odd, blame my phone! 😀
Oh, i almost forgot. .HAPPY EASTER to everyone.

Indu Prakash


2 responses to “Just something to write

  1. Wow.. you mentioned me in your post. Hehehhehe. Thanks Indu.

    The concept of blog buddies is new to me, either. Hahaha

    What kind of phone did you use to post this? If you’re using Android or Iphone, WordPress has built an application for it. You don’t need to open your browser, zoom in zoom out. The application will make WP’s user easier to manage their account while they’re not in front of their computer.

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