If you had to debate a version of yourself that was ten years younger, who would win? What about a game of chess? Or a 5k run? How are you better, or worse, at various traits than you were then?

Me Vs 10 year younger me. As most people know, I was (still am!) a VERY shy girl. 🙂 The current me would win the debate hands down. 10yr younger me wouldn’t even bother opening her mouth! I was a girl who say something only when I was asked something. All other times, I would just pointlessly stare into thin air with a look on my face that would restrict people from talking to me! :p I know, I was weird!  People tell me that I always look angry or bored. May be I was angry or bored, or maybe its just how I am! 🙂

So in a debate, the current me wins. But that’s definitely not the case for the chess and the 5k run. My brains don’t work the way I expect it to work these days! I was good at chess once. I used to play against my dad and even against my brother. Old times, Good Times 🙂 I don’t win all the time, but I don’t loose that much either. So to me, thats way better than good. 😉

I was never an outdoor person. Not now,or 10years ago. But in a race, younger me would win. She wouldn’t win it by her extraordinary speed or anything, but maybe by cheating! 😛

I believe that I talk more now, compared with the younger me. More matured obviously! More aware of how to behave. 🙂

I challenge younger me for a cooking face-off! That I’m 100% sure that I’m gonna win. 10years ago I didn’t even know how to boil water! 😀 You in? 😛

3 responses to “ME Vs ME

  1. It’s good for you then, the current Indu is way more attractive than the old one.

    I’ve never thought about this matter before, but now I have. Hahahha.

    About my personality:
    The current me is more mature and more behave than the old one. Of course!! We have to be like that, don’t we?
    I can’t imagine if I say “The current me is more childish than the old one” LOL

    I used to be an energetic girl, love outdoor activities. But the current me will avoid sun as much as she can, by hook or by crook. Hahahah. Sun burns. I hate being under the sun.


    • hehe. .Thats good. . We all become more fun and lighthearted as we grow up.
      I dont know what my friends saw in me those days! 🙂
      Even I don’t like going out in the sun! Sun tan is a nightmare for us here. But I’m always too lazy to carry an umbrella!

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