President or Prime Minister for a day?

If I get a chance to be the President or the Prime Minister of India for a day, First of all I’d be honored!  I’d be so proud of myself.

These are the things I would do:

  1. I’d do something about the Indian Roads. I’d invest a lot of money to build high quality roads with international standards.
  2. I’d fire all the ministers with criminal records and also all the corrupted ministers.
  3. I would start a website and will ask the citizens of India to send suggestions , complaints etc to improve our country, and I’d start to act on it immediately.
  4. Higher the education, higher the post.
  5. Employment and education for all.
  6. This one’s actually for me: Engineering students with more number of arrears/backlogs will have more priority in software fields! 😛
It would take more than a day to change anything in such a big country like India. So I would enjoy the kind of luxury I’ll get being the President or the Prime Minister of the Country.
P.S : If that one day was April 2, 2011 .It would’ve been so awesome watching the India Srilanka Cricket World cup final! A well day spent!

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