If you could go invisible for a day, what would you do?

That could be either the best or the worst day of my life!

 The Best Day:

What more could I ask for? The ultimate freedom, that anyone could ask for. I can do whatever I want. I’d make faces at all the people i hate! I’d follow people and make ghostly noises. Drop something on people. 😀  Make things float in the air!  I’ll even dance around in public. Drive a car! spooky! I’d find out if dogs can see me.! I’d follow celebrities and find out what their daily life is like! I’d watch all movies without tickets. To sum it up, I’d do everything I’ve ever wanted to do! 😀 😀

The Worst Day:

Being invisible also has its own disadvantages!  I’d be awfully lonely the whole day. Everyone would be scared if they hear voices and they don’t know where its from! Lonely in a crowd..

It would be fun to be invisible, but it will get boring after a while.


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