Have you ever considered writing a book?

I was not a big fan of writing when I was a kid. Who knew that one day I’d be a blogger!

Do you know what the first thing I wrote? A love letter!

Its not actually what you think! I used to write love letters to my friends as if their favorite film actors, musicians etc would write! Like, If my friend is head over heels about a musician, I would write a letter with musical words like symphony, harmony etc etc!! 😀 You get the point, right?

In movies I’m a Rom Com Fanatic! Well, Most girls are.. 🙂

So you would’ve probably guessed what kind of a book I would write ? A love story or anything related to love!

I got some stories in my mind, but after its almost finished I lose interest in them. Someday I would write a story so that even I’ll fall in love with that story! Then I’ll make a movie out of it. I would even Direct that movie. Story, Screen Play and Direction by Indu Prakash!



4 responses to “Have you ever considered writing a book?

  1. I never really consider to write a book but to write a screenplay yes !
    I’ve worked in the cinema industry so of course I’ve considered it but after some test, it happens that I was better to film it than writing it ! Hahaha 🙂

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