Invisible jet!

Today’s postaday2011 topic is…

“If you could pilot any vehicle, real or fictitious, what would it be?”


I picked Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet.It would do no harm to Wonder Woman if I borrow the in visible jet, because she got super speed and she can fly. She could even outrun her jet! So she wouldn’t mind, I guess!

If you think about it, an Invisible jet would come in handy in any situation. Take the example of the usual traffic jam, you can cruise through the open sky while making faces at you neighbors or even your colleagues who are stuck in traffic! Of course,  they can’t see you because you are in an invisible jet! But who cares?!

Being invisible will give you an unimaginable freedom. It would be like a License to do anything! Even thinking about it is making me feel like a rebel!

I would go around the world in my invisible jet. No need of passport, no need of money, and hopefully no need for fuel as well. I don’t want to be stranded in some desert.

How does this jet work anyway?! May be I should ask wonder woman someday.

I hope I don’t kill any birds during my world tour. they wouldn’t know what hit them.

I would get a better view of the land than Google earth. Oh,I know I could start a brand new website called “My version of Google earth!” That sounds lame. I would think of something better later.

It would be so cool if it rains! The shape of the jet would form in the rain. I would park my jet in mid air [I hope i can do that!] somewhere near my home. That would become breaking news in all the news channels and my little town will be a sensational spot overnight!!

So much talking! Here’s an exclusive picture of the invisible jet. Enjoy.

Its right there. Next to the clouds!

Its a shame that you won’t be able to see it. but I promise, Its there. 😀


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