I’ve been Scammed

8th March 2011

It all starts here : Just a normal day, goofing around with friends.

I found out that My friend got a text message saying “You’ve won a Hyderabad Pearl Set. It will be home delivered to your home if you send the address as reply. The pearl set is free, but you have to pay the shipping charges of Rs. 525/-”  [Not the exact message]

I don’t actually remember how it all panned out , but at some moment we decided to send my address as the reply.! [I know, that was stupid!]

So we sent my address. That was it. And I forgot all about it.

And guess what?!! Today, I got a call from my mom, asking me if I’ve ordered a hyderabad pearl set!!. It was funny, till she told me that she gave the 525Rs to the postman, and the pearl set will reach my home tomorrow!

That’s when panic struck!

The only thing that was going through my mind was “Stop the postman!” I told my mom to call the postman [And yes, the Postman’s mobile number is with us!] and tell him that we don’t want the pearl set.

Luckily the postman didn’t reach the post office yet, so he said that he would write a letter saying that we have rejected the pearl set, and we’ll get the money back tomorrow!


Hopefully that’s the end of that!

“Lesson Learned!”

The only good thing that came out of this is that I got something to blog about!


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