I had this strange idea of writing down all my phobias, thinking I could overcome all one by one.

The two prominent phobias in my list would be:

1. Fear of deep waters.

2. Fear of travelling on two-wheelers.

I always get a feeling that I’m gonna die drowning. I think its because I had asthma, and I know how it feels when I can’t breathe. Just the thought of being under water even for a few seconds scares the hell out of me. Someday I’ll go on an underwater adventure trip, of course with loads of oxygen cylinders.

Travelling on two wheelers is OK for the most part. But when it comes to bumps on the road, railway crossings and traffic jam, its scary.

“Hold on!! Or else, you are gonna be thrown under the bus, and crushed” -That’s what I keep thinking.

‘Kuyyali’ is like THE MOST scariest place on earth if I’m on a bike. Railway crossing, traffic jam, bumps, and deep water. Everything’s there.!


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