Aloo Paratha.!

I’m getting lazier.

And cooking is like the last thing I do these days.If I didn’t have pets, the kitchen would’ve been closed tight!

It seem pointless to cook something extravagant just for me and my dogs. [ Why just me and my dogs? I’ll explain all that some day].

I’m officially fed up with Noodles, Bread and jam, bread and peanut butter, Bread and butter, and Bread and hazelnut cocoa spread!

Tomorrow I’m gonna make Aloo Paratha. This post is to make sure that I cook that. If I do make Aloo Paratha, I’ll be blogging about it, and it will be my first post in my upcoming Food Blog.

If I don’t I’m giving you license to give me a lecture on “Why Laziness is bad for me.”  Win-win for everyone..huh?


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