Random Nonsense

Very cold day, isn’t it?

It takes a lot of effort these days to get out of bed. But the image of a hot coffee calling out my name is so tempting!

Its Christmas eve. But the problem is that the so called ‘Christmas-spirit’ haven’t kicked in yet. As always, hanged the Christmas star ,and ate the cake.  And there’s a lot of Christmas special movies on TV today. But there’s something missing.

Oh, I almost forget, I might have told you about my craze for Guitar. If no, I’m telling you now. I wanted to study Guitar, or atleast buy one and take pictures holding it! I told my Dad that I decided to take Guitar lessons, But then he said “Why not Keyboard?”

I didn’t argue much, because I secretly decided that I’ll study both!

Then my sir told me that it would be confusing to study both. So I had to choose one.

I had to choose Keyboard, coz I didn’t think my dad would pay for a Guitar.

I bought a keyboard from Kannur for about Rs 6500/-

Did you know that Guitar costs only about Rs 1500/- ?!!

I could’ve bought that with my pocket money!

So the thing is that I’ve decided to buy a Guitar, in 2-3 months..

#Happy #Happy!!


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