Coz its raining, and i’m bored!

Yes, its raining here, in December.!

I’m so bloody bored today, so these are just the load of crap on my mind right now.

It all started with my new Docomo Sim. I bought a new Sim because I wanted a unique phone number. Apart from that I was getting so many calls from coaching center’s offering discounts, in my current number. It was getting irritating, so i thought it was time for a new number.

I got a number starting with 77. kinda unique..! I was very happy with the number. So I went home,and messaged everyone that i’ll have a new number from tomorrow.

Next day, I changed the sim, and what do I see??

My phone’s showing the roaming symbol.[Later found out that roaming is only in and around my home, area in 2km radius!] So I called the customer care, I didnt know what I have to do, to talk to a human.!

So I went to the Docomo website, and there it said that I can chat with them if I needed any assistance. I entered my number and name, and I got to chat with a Mr.Sudhakar. And he kept calling me ‘Sir’! He told me to try putting it in another phone. I did that, and there was no such symbol on my Dad’s Nokia phone. Mine’s LG, by the way.

I told that to him, and I didn’t get a reply, because my net connection went very slow.

I went to the docomo office, in Thalassery and they kept laughing at the fact that my phone shows roaming near my home. They did something with the phone, and said that it won’t show roaming anymore. I believed it, and went and did the offer for 2GB internet for Rs48. Oh, and they told me that I just have to dial 9 after dialing customer care number to talk to someone.

I reached home, and there, it was again.! I called the customer care number,and they told me that this is happening because of the tie-up between them and Airtel, and that call-rates will be normal. I don’t know what the tie-up is.

Call rates were not the problem. It was the internet. I couldn’t use the opera mini browser, bcoz there’s no connection,as I was roaming. And I could use the mobile browser, but the problem was that they keep charging me for the net, apparently bcoz i’m roaming and all offers won’t be valid, when I’m, yes, you guessed it right, roaming! Damn.!

Also, I’m not getting much messages, these days because, all my friends are either busy with exams or projects.

Its like, my phone’s on a vacation. It only takes less than a minute to charge my phone these days.!


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