My Life & Future, according to SMS!

We all get the so-called ‘Reply- Me sms’  all the time.

The messages which says “select a number from below and i’ll tell you how your life will turn out, how your partner is gonna look like, how you are gonna die, and what not?!!” [creepy,huh??]

Well, I admit..I always reply to these kind of messages!! It is fun!

So according to the ‘Reply-Me sms’ here’s my life and my future:

  • I’m sensitive and loving. [Well, that is true. :-D]
  • I’m a ‘Dil ka Acha’ friend [Definitely true..Any objection?]
  • I’ll Marry my best friend [Wonder who that is!]
  • I’ll have a love marriage in 2014 [May be I should start planning the wedding now!]
  • And our love story will be like the film ‘Rab ne bana di jodi'[I’ll marry an old guy???,but, i don’t have an old best friend!]
  • I’ll have three children [twin girls and a boy,cute!]
  • I’ll get a divorce[:-(]
  • I’ll be living abroad[yippee!, but Where??]
  • I”ll have a cool life[B-)]
  • Oh, and i’m gonna sink in the ocean, And die[so sad]

All these gonna be true??

Lets just wait and see..!


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