Where is my independence..!

India is independent..but am I?? Do I really have the freedom to do as I wish, and do it whenever i want??

I would consider myself free when I can:

go out at night and don’t have to be afraid..,

Wear modern dress and don’t have to worry about the staring eyes..,

Color my hair in bright pink and don’t have to answer a lot of questions..,

Eat anything or nothing without having to hear about weight issues..,

Sing or dance in the middle of a parking lot and  not have people thinking i’m mad..,

Say anything that comes to my mind and don’t have to regret..,

Get a tattoo and don’t have to listen to a lot of yelling..,

May be I won’t do all these even if I have such freedom..But it still would be nice to think that i can..!



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