My first attempt at poetry..! Lets see how it goes. It is inspired from the Taylor Swift song ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’.
Hope you all enjoy.
My heart skips a beat everytime I see him..

May be he feels the same. How can I be sure about that?

I’ll pour my heart out when I get the courage to even stand infront of him without loosing my breath.

I’d like to time travel to the future to see what his reaction might be..to see if it was the right decision to tell him!

What if he says no, what if his heart belongs to someone else?? What if he’s confused?

What if..

I’m in no hurry..

You got my whole life to take the right decision.

When that time comes, I’d like to be on top of the world..

Jump up and down with happiness or jump to the ground and end it all..

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